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Our ultimate goal is to create a productive and engaged workforce that contributes positively to the success of the organization.

Basma Human Resources

Envisions a world where all organizations, regardless of size or industry, have access to the best talent management practices, resulting in engaged employees, productive work-forces, and increased profitability.

Our employees provides a broad menu service that identifies the task of your requirements in the organization job and designs the task description with skill requirements for the task.

Our services including Employee Outsourcing, Mass Recruitment, Pre-employment Screening, Employee Outplacement, Strategic Marketing Consultancy, Training and various other HR related functions.

  • Empower companies to attract, retain, and develop top talent through data-driven strategies
  • Tailored solutions to unique challenges, we strive to create a more efficient work environment
  • Our commitment is to provide high-quality services that exceed our clients’ expectations